Aramark staff volunteer time & services

Aramark employees do volunteer work, services for the Page Animal Shelter and Bullfrog School

By Steven Law

Brittany Brink, Senior HR Manager, and Tracy King-Garappolo, HR Associate Manager, train dogs housed in the Page Animal Adoption Shelter.

Last week, Aramark held its Aramark Building Community Day events, and Aramark employees from Wahweap and Bullfrog spent two days at the Page Animal Adoption Shelter and one day in Bullfrog, Utah, volunteering at the Lake Powell School.

Building Community Day is something that Aramark holds once a year at all Aramark locations around the world. Sometimes their staff donate their time to service in the areas where they work and live, and sometimes they do canning or winter coat promotions, with items collected going to local pantries and other community charities.

“We believe giving back to the local community is very important,” said Brandon Moore, human resources manager at Wahweap. “Page is our community. We all benefit from what Page has to offer, and we want to be a part of that effort. As one of the largest employers in the region, we take this responsibility seriously. “

Charles Kayner, an Aramark employee in Bullfrog, reads to Lake Powell School student Dwayne Chee during the September pizza party read-a-thon

In Page, the Aramark employees – consisting of administrators and hourly employees – worked for two days on a voluntary basis in the animal shelter, where they brushed dogs and walked, watered and fed dogs and cats, cut the nails of dogs and cats, tidied up the house and the cat the dog house, the yard cleaned up and some bushes and trees planted. Ten to fifteen people came on both days.

They arrived at the Page Animal Adoption Shelter on Friday morning at the same time that three six-week-old puppies were given up. The pups were brought in and bathed and their nails cut.

Aramark employees volunteered at the shelter Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“It was really nice to have the extra help,” said Natalie Ferrando, Director of the Page Animal Adoption Shelter and Animal Control Officer for the City of Page. “It was great to have her for a few days. We could go for a walk with all the dogs and deal with larger projects. “

Some of the Aramark volunteers have enjoyed their work at the shelter so much that they will continue to return for long-term service.

“Some of them wanted to keep helping care for our cats and others will help me with off-site things like grooming and doing paperwork,” Ferrando said.

Ferrando said Aramark’s reach is a great example of how companies can give back to their communities. “It was nice that they kept it local and helped here. Hopefully it will encourage other companies to follow this model. “

On the north side of Lake Powell, Aramark employees who live and work in Bullfrog were volunteering at Lake Powell School on September 23, where they held a sample of pizza and drinks for the kids and teachers.

The Read-a-thon Pizza Party was the culmination and celebration of a much larger Aramark service initiative.

This year Aramark added a new component to its community service efforts by funding the volunteer efforts of its many local organizations. The grants come from Aramark’s Philadelphia headquarters. The grant money can be used for community service and public relations.

At Bullfrog, Aramark used these funds to purchase backpacks, water bottles, and textbooks for the Lake Powell School students. In addition, the school was able to use part of the scholarship to buy pencil paper and art supplies.

“It was a very fun day. The kids had a lot of fun! ”Said Kay Townsend, principal and teacher at Lake Powell School. “Aramark is always so good to us. They bring us presents for our children every month.

And every Christmas one of their employees dresses up as Santa Claus for the children. On Halloween they do a Trunk or Treat for us, their cars are all decorated and they deliver the pumpkins for us to carve.

“You support us very much and we are very grateful for all your contribution to our school.”

Selected Photo:

A group of Aramark employees volunteered at the Page Animal Adoption Shelter last week. They are from left: Mary Wurtz, Shadoe Schoppmann, Brittany Brink, Kelly Zwierzchowski, Erica Neils, Tracy King-Garappolo, Kristy Brown, Robert Knowlton and Brandon Moore.

** Photos by Steven Law **


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