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The 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon traverses the streets of Chicago on October 10, visiting more than two dozen of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods.

The winding course will hit neighborhoods across the city, from Lake View to Pilsen, and stretch through 42 miles of city streets.

Please see the full map below for more information on the circuit.

Here is our neighborhood breakdown of how the course will move through the city of Chicago.

Mile 1:

The race begins in Grant Park, Chicago, then heads north on Columbus Drive and then turns left on Grand Avenue.

Neighborhoods: Grant Park, The Loop, New East Side, Streeterville

Mile 2:

The race continues west on the Grand, then turns south on State Street and heads back across the river.

Neighborhood: River North, The Loop

Mile 3:

The race continues from State Street, then heads west on Jackson Boulevard and then back north on LaSalle Street.

Neighborhoods: The Loop, River North

Mile 4:

The race continues north on LaSalle Street.

Neighborhoods: River North, Near North

Mile 5:

The race reaches the end of LaSalle Street, then turns along West LaSalle Drive before turning left onto Stockton Drive, where it passes the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Neighborhoods: Near North, Old Down, Altstadtdreieck

Mile 6:

After driving up Stockton, the race turns east on Fullerton Parkway, then quickly north on North Cannon Drive, past North Pond Nature Sanctuary and Diversey Harbor.

Neighborhood: Lincoln Park

Mile 7:

The race goes northwest on Cannon Drive to Diversey Parkway and then north on Sheridan Road.

Neighborhood: Northalsted, Seeblick Ost

Mile 8:

The race continues north on Sheridan Road and then joins Inner Lake Shore Drive. Then he turns west on West Sheridan Road and begins moving south on Halsted and then drifting southeast on Broadway.

Neighborhood: Lake View, Wrigleyville

Mile 9:

The race continues south on Broadway.

Neighborhood: Lake View East, Northalsted

Mile 10:

On Diversey Parkway, the race moves to Clark Street and continues to move southeast.

Neighborhood: Park West

Mile 11:

The race moves from Clark Street, turns west on Webster and cuts to Sedgwick.

Neighborhoods: Lincoln Park, Old Town, Old Town Triangle

Mile 12:

Just past the 11 mile mark, the race turns east on North Avenue and then south on Wells Street.

Neighborhood: Altstadtdreieck, Altstadt

Mile 13:

The race continues south on Wells Street, then after crossing the river onto Wacker Drive and then onto Franklin.

Neighborhoods: Old Town, Near North, River North, The Loop

Mile 14:

The race turns west on Monroe Street, crosses the Chicago River, and heads towards the South Loop. Then turn south on Halsted Street.

Neighborhoods: The Loop, West Loop, Greektown

Mile 15:

The race then turns west again, this time onto Adams Street.

Neighborhoods: Greektown, West Loop

Mile 16:

The race continues down Adams Street, past just south of the United Center, then south on Damen, and then back east on Jackson Boulevard.

Neighborhood: Near West Side, West Loop

Mile 17:

The race continues east on Jackson Boulevard.

Neighborhood: West Loop

Mile 18:

The race turns south on Halsted Street, then west on Taylor Street.

Neighborhoods: West Loop, Greektown, University Village

Mile 19:

The race turns south on Taylor Street onto the Loomis.

Neighborhood: University Village, Pilsen

Mile 20:

The race turns off Loomis and heads east along 18th Street, then turns right to head south on Halsted Street.

Neighborhood: Pilsen

Mile 21:

The race forms a triangle here, jogs southwest on Canalport Avenue, then east on Cermak, and back over the Chicago River.

Neighborhoods: Pilsen, South Loop, Chinatown

Mile 22:

The race turns off Cermak and heads south on Wentworth Avenue.

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Mile 23:

The race then turns east on 33approx Street, then head south on State Street.

Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Armor Square, Bronzeville

Mile 24:

The course makes a small U-turn here, turns east on 35th Street, and then walks back north on Indiana Avenue. Finally he jogs northwest and catches South Michigan Avenue.

Neighborhoods: Bronzeville, The Gap

Mile 25:

The race goes north on Michigan Avenue.

Neighborhoods: Bronzeville, Prairie Shores, Motor Row District

Mile 26:

The course turns east on Roosevelt Road and approaches the 26 mile mark.

Neighborhoods: Motor Row District, South Loop, Prairie District

Last 0.2 miles

The last fifth of a mile is east on Roosevelt Road, then north on Columbus Drive to the finish line.

Neighborhoods: South Loop, Grant Park

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