A park in Salt Lake City is temporarily closed after the community complains about safety

Madsen Park will not be closed for more than 60 days.

(Emily Means | KUER News) Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office said the Madsen Park closure is likely the first time a public park has closed for safety reasons.

Concerns about drug use and other issues have led to the impending closure of Madsen Park near North Temple and 1000 West.

Margie Broschinsky owns a neighborhood shop and said she and other community members have exhausted all other options to get to this point.

“It’s not a real park at the moment,” said Broschinsky. “It’s more of a safe haven for criminals.” She said she would like the park to reopen with more lighting and cleaner grounds.

The new Salt Lake City Council member Alejandro Puy will represent the region where Madsen is located. He said he understand people’s frustration, but he also doesn’t think closing the park is a real solution.

City officials said the park will be closed for no longer than 60 days from December 6th.

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