Are you a proud American looking for one bad credit loan ? Maybe you have bad credit or you’ve fallen on tough financial times. Are you behind on your bills or do you owe money back to a family member? Maybe your car recently broke down and you can’t afford the repair costs, or maybe you just need money to live on.

In any case, a Schufa loan with a guaranteed commitment and/or without a credit check could be right for you. In this in-depth review, we will highlight some of the top direct lenders for bad credit loans. These companies that we’re going to highlight are among the best in America and they have a strong customer base.

However, we have to be honest with you before we start this review. The reality you should know is that not all lenders with bad credit are good. There are many out there that offer all types of emergency loans. What you need to watch out for and be very careful about are the interest rates offered by some of these direct lenders.

It is our great pleasure to announce that all payday loan Lenders we talk about in this report are the best in America. We will also highlight for you some of the pros and cons of each of these money lenders.

So sit back and relax and get ready for a good read. This will be by far one of the best bad credit credit scores you will ever read. Here we go:

#1. MONITORING – Top direct lenders for no credit check loans

#2. CREDIT LOAN – Best emergency loan for lenders with bad credit

#3. FUNDSJOY – Payday loans for bad credit with instant approval

#4. REAL AMERICAN LOAN – Top lenders for short-term loans in America

#5. XMASFUNDS.COM – Immediate approval of bad credit loans

#6. DONATION GIFT – Cash advance experts with guaranteed approval

#1. MoneyMutual – The best direct lender for bad loans in America.

If you know your way around MoneyMutual You will know that they are one of the best emergency loan providers in the game. They are fast, reliable and service-oriented. Not only that, they had one of the best spokespersons a company could ask for.

Do you remember Montell Williams? This guy…

A legendary daytime talk show host. Montell’s daytime audience skyrocketed in the 1990s. After a highly successful career on talk shows, Montel Williams began promoting MoneyMutual.

Of course, when you’re successful, people will come after you, and they did. Montel Williams’ haters came out of the woods and went after him for promoting a company with “bad credit.” These haters would say that Montel took advantage of the less fortunate and promoted a company that simply exploited people in times of need.

We believe this is not the case. Montel Williams always proved that he was a model citizen both during his time as a talk show host and afterwards. His stint on MoneyMutual was a successful venture.


#2.creditloan – No credit check loans with guaranteed online approval

Hot on MoneyMutual’s coattails creditloan . In our opinion, they came out of nowhere! Nobody gave them much of a chance, but suddenly they started to gain traction as lenders with bad credit. They offer similar loan amounts and interest rates to MoneyMutual, but are a different brand and quite frankly a good competitor for MoneyMutual.

Still on the rise, CreditLoans is a moneylender to keep an eye on. Particularly in relation to their customer service obligations. As they continue to grow as a payday loan provider, they are able to maintain the same level of excellent customer service for their customer base. Only time will tell, the personal loan industry is intensely competitive.


#3. FundsJoy – Bad credit emergency loan with 24 hour loan approval

FundsJoy is one of our favorite short-term loan providers. We love their marketing and user friendly website. The use of color on their website is very good as it creates a comfortable user experience for everyone who is looking for no credit check loans.

One thing to watch out for with FundsJoy is if they can handle their rapid expansion. Similar to CreditLoans, this company is doing very well. As more people with bad credit apply for quick loans, they are able to handle the backend and customer service that comes with an increased number of people taking out loans with bad credit.

Time will tell for this company as well. You are one to watch out for. But we love them and recommend them to anyone who needs an installment loan.



As the name suggests, this bad credit loan provider is for real Americans. They really know their target market like most people who take payday loan from this company identify themselves as real Americans.

So what makes someone a real American? Well, bottom line is someone who loves the great country of America. This is why this loan provider is popular with so many Americans in our great nation. Whether you need a payday loan, bad credit loan, no credit check loan, short term loan, installment loan, 24 hour loan, $500 loan, $300 loan or $100 – Need loans, this loan provider will have your back.

However, let’s get one thing straight: are they as big as a company like MoneyMutual? Absolutely not. But bigger isn’t always better, is it? It depends on the borrower and their comfort level when choosing a bad credit loan provider.


#5. XMASFUNDS.COM – The most popular loan provider for bad loans during the holiday season

This may seem strange to you, but listen to us! You wouldn’t believe how popular this holiday bad loan lender is. As we speak… ULTRA popular. There are many people around the holidays who need cash fast and need this emergency loan.

So a Christmas-branded bad credit lender is going to do well then, right?

Check this out… even though it’s not the holiday season, this payday loan lender still manages to deliver a consistent performance. Why is that? We think that’s because people just love Christmas. Anything that is a Christmas present is usually accepted quite easily.

We recommend you to take a look at this one too, especially if you are looking for $5000 loans.


#6. fund gift – The new bad credit lender with guaranteed approval

fund gift is new to the scene. Our first impression of them is that they will compete with MoneyMutual. See what we did there?

The most impressive thing we’ve seen from FundsGift so far is how quickly the list of borrowers is growing. They are quick to issue all types of bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. The pace at which they are handing them out makes you think they have been in business for years!

As we watch FundsGift grow, we’ll be very interested to see if they grow larger than MoneyMutual. Some people who are watching the emergency loan industry very closely say it is possible, while other people in the industry say it will never happen.

Whatever the case, when it comes to short term loans and 24 hour loans, FundsGift is at the top of their game. If you are looking for $5000 loans and $10000 loans, MoneyMutual might be a better option.


Final words on short term loans for bad credit

Well there you have it. We reviewed six of the best bad credit loan lenders in America. As we promised, we have discussed some of the pros and cons for each lender.

It is not up to you to choose which bad credit lender suits you best. After reading our in-depth articles, borrowers usually make their own conclusions about which lender to choose. However, there are some people who are still not sure which payday loan provider to choose.

If this is you, you don’t need to worry. You are not alone. For people like you, we suggest you stick with the largest bad credit lender in America. If you remember from our article, that direct lender is MoneyMutual.

You can visit their official website from the link below and apply for bad credit loan directly.


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